Benefits of PreACT: What Does the Evidence Say?

This brief summarizes five benefits of schools providing the PreACT to all their students. The PreACT assessments are designed to provide students with an indication of their educational progress in the context of preparing for the ACT and exploring post-secondary educational and career options. The PreACT assessments include four multiple-choice tests: English, Math, Reading, and Science.

The five benefits of adopting the PreACT include:

  1. By accurately predicting ACT scores, the PreACT can help facilitate early college planning and preparedness

  2. PreACT ensures equitable access to practice for the ACT test

  3. Schools that adopt the PreACT see improved student readiness for college and careers

  4. PreACT scores identify students who are ready to succeed in advanced high school courses - including AP

  5. PreACT scores provide a baseline for measuring growth and to determine the impact of improvement efforts